Radiant Earth is an incubator of data-driven initiatives, services, and 21st century institutions needed to foster shared understanding of our world.

Current initiatives

Source Cooperative is a new data publishing utility that allows trusted organizations and individuals to share data products with one another using standard HTTP methods. It is currently in beta development. Learn more at source.coop.

The Cloud-Native Geospatial Foundation encourages adoption of highly efficient and accessible approaches to working with geospatial data over the Internet. Learn more at cloudnativegeo.org.

Our blog

  • Q&A with Mala Kumar, Our Newest Board Member
    We are pleased to welcome Mala Kumar to our Board of Directors. In this Q&A profile, we talk with Mala about her career journey, joining our Board, and the intersections between technology and the narratives that shape our world.

  • Unicorns, Show Ponies, and Gazelles
    A few four-legged animal metaphors that explain how we’ve been building global data infrastructure to date and how we might do better in the future.

  • What is Source Cooperative?
    An update on development of Source Cooperative and why we’re building it.