Increasing shared understanding of our world through community-led initiatives that make data easier to access and use.

Our Initiatives

Source Cooperative is a data publishing utility that allows trusted organizations and individuals to share using standard HTTP methods. It is currently in beta development.

Funded with support from NASA.

The Cloud-Native Geospatial Foundation encourages adoption of highly efficient approaches to working with geospatial data over the Internet.

Funded with support from the Taylor Geospatial Engine, Microsoft, AWS, Sparkgeo, Development Seed, Hydrosat, Terradue, and others.

Radiant Earth is the fiscal partner to the Bezos Earth Fund’s AI for Climate and Nature Grand Challenge, which is exploring new ideas for multiplying the impact of climate and nature efforts using modern AI.

Funded by the Bezos Earth Fund.

Radiant Earth is the fiscal sponsor of Clay, which is creating an open foundation model of Earth based on multiple sources of satellite data.

Funded by Schmidt Futures and The Grantham Foundation.

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