Radiant Earth Joins PLACE Community as Founding Member

We are pleased to announce that Radiant Earth has joined the PLACE Community as a Founding Member. By joining this community, Radiant supports PLACE’s mission to map urban areas in Africa and the Caribbean in high-resolution and make these maps open, dependable, and accessible to governments and members. As part of this commitment, Radiant Earth and PLACE will co-develop new features for Source Cooperative, our neutral data publishing utility that allows trusted organizations and individuals to share data products with one another. Now in private beta, Source Cooperative is the next generation of Radiant MLHub, designed to ensure secure and ethical sharing of data.

PLACE will provide an online library of learning materials, training resources, and use cases. In addition to knowledge sharing, community members will also have the opportunity to participate in working groups to discuss issues related to pricing and licensing, governance, global ethics, and the responsible use of location data. This will enable the community to collaborate, and share ideas and projects.

Jed Sundwall, our Executive Director said,

“We are proud to join the PLACE community as a founding member. PLACE is doing essential work to ensure equitable access to data that aligns with our mission to increase shared understanding of our world. Their model creates high-quality data in parts of the world that have been overlooked for too long.We are excited to work alongside PLACE to make data accessible by the people who will benefit from it the most.”

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the progress towards producing and providing critical base mapping imagery to government bodies across Africa and the Caribbean.